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Screening CTG is recommended after 32 weeks of pregnancy. Cardiotocography on terms from 32 to 40 weeks practically does not differ in its indicators. During childbirth, this diagnosis furthermore shows the strength of the bouts and helps to diagnose the weakness of labor, excessive generic activity. The fetal dose for a CTPA is 0.003 mGy to 0.13 mGy, depending on the trimester of pregnancy the dose is greater in the third trimester than in the first trimester. 24 A low-dose technique is often used for V/Q scans in pregnant patients with less radiopharmaceutical and longer acquisition times. The fetal dose for a V/Q scan is up to 0.32 mGy. A CTG which is used during labour is also known as electronic fetal monitoring EFM. EFM is used to monitor your baby's heartbeat and your contractions during labour. That's because midwives have other, less invasive ways of monitoring which should be enough to take care of both you and your baby. A CTG scan will let them know how baby is going. It will give a trace of the baby's heartbeat, record baby movements, and also show any contractions. Jan 27, 2010 · Fetal monitoring CTG made easy for the pregnant woman. A few basics about fetal monitoring, cardiotocograph CTG. what every woman needs to know about CTG; you only need to be monitored if you have a problem, there needs to be a medical reason for you to be monitored.

Mar 04, 2010 · I had fetal heart rate monitoring 2 weeks ago and my notes say 'suspicious ctg' which resulted in having a doppler scan which was 'normal'. I'm 31 weeks and still don't feel much movement so yesterday had another ctg which was also 'suspicious' and I've got to go back to hospital for a further ctg and scan. The contraction stress test helps predict how your baby will do during labor. The test triggers contractions and registers how your baby's heart reacts. A normal heartbeat is a good sign that your. Whether for diagnostic or therapeutic treatment purposes, iodine 131 should not be used during pregnancy. If a diagnostic scan of the thyroid is essential, technetium 99m is the isotope of choice. Radionuclide compounds are excreted into breast milk in varying concentrations and for varying periods of. CTG during labour monitors your baby's heartbeat and your contractions. If you've had a healthy pregnancy and your labour is progressing well, you won't need CTG NICE 2014. Midwives have other, less invasive ways of monitoring, such as a hand-held Doppler or stethoscope. The nonstress test is a common test for pregnant women. You may need it if you're overdue or have complications during pregnancy. Your doctor may suggest it if your baby seems to be moving less.

Your baby’s size will be monitored throughout the pregnancy, and the measurements will be put on a growth chart. If the doctor finds any abnormality, she does an ultrasound scan to measure the baby’s growth accurately. Fetal growth measurement is important because slow growth could lead to certain health problems in the baby.

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